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Groundhog Day: Up to 90% off & Chance to win Angel Angelina

Duration: 1/29 00:00 Server time – 2/4 23:59 Server time


There will be a new shop for this event located on the left, below “Hot Events”. Buy items with Apples from the Groundhog’s Stash for a discounted price; they will be up to 90% off. There is also a chance to win Angel Angelina!



Stats: MATK

Skill: Deals Magic DMG of (160% ATK+500) to all enemies

Halo: Crit +30, ATK +180, ATK +180 and HP +640

- Apples can be obtained from Total Recharge Rewards or exchanging Diamonds or Vouchers at a 1:1 rate.

- Click the “Refresh” button for a chance to buy different discounted items. The commodities include Lvl. 4 to 6 Common Gem Chests, Lvl. 2 to 5 Superior Gem Chests, Garnet to Ruby Herosouls, Lvl. 1 to 4 Cherubstones, Synth Scrolls, Soulstones, Socketing Rods, Angel Tears, Aegis Shards, Fashion Cores, Timeskip Scrolls, and Gold.

- Use the “Save More” button to further increase the discount.(The discount percent is always based on the original price so clicking "Save more" more than once might lead to increasing instead of lowering the price , but it will always be lower than the original prize and you may get the lowest prize after several times of Save more)

- Players receive 1 point for each Apple spent.

- VIPs can purchase more of the same items.

R2Games LoA Ops team