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House of Card brings Earthshaker back!

House of Cards 

Duration: July 31 to August 3 (server time) 
Server: S1 to S208
- Players can obtain cards from the Card Chests in House of Cards. 

- There are three types of card chests: Common Chests, Deluxe Chest and Mystery Chest. 1 Common Chest costs 50 Diamonds, 1 Deluxe Chest costs 150 Diamonds, and 1 Mystery Chest costs 500 Diamonds. You can get 10 Common Chests for free each day. 

- After collecting a specified set of cards, you may exchange it for great rewards. 

- Your remaining Cards can be exchanged for Points. Points can be traded for specific Cards. This will allow you to finish your Card sets more efficiently. 

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