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League of Angels Daily 2/26/2014 – Character Profiles: Nocturna

Welcome to Angel Profiles, where you can learn a little bit more about your favorite Angels in League of Angels! Today, let’s have a look at nightly Nocturna…

The first Angel you come across, Nocturna is eager to help you wake her sisters and bring the Angels back from their curse. Her delicate features may lead some foolhardy foes into thinking she’s harmless… but as soon as she unleashes that lightning of hers, it’s already too late to realize their mistake.

Being an MMORPG, you may also want a look into some stats:

Attack Type: PATK

Skill: White Lightning – Deals 300 PDMG + 150% PATK to all enemies

Halo: Buffs one hero with 200 HP ​