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League of Angels Daily 3/14/2014 – Character Profiles: Sylvia

Welcome to Angel Profiles, where you can learn a little bit more about your favorite Angels in League of Angels! Today, let’s have a look at Saintly Sylvia…

With power over nature, Sylvia is just the Angel you want at your side if you find yourself in the wilds. She is favored by woodland creatures, and anyone living or travelling in through forests and other generally unsettled lands. She protects those who respect nature from its dangers, but will bring its wrath down on any who would bring it harm.

She also just happens to be cosplayed by Ginny McQueen! Stay tuned for upcoming cosplay photos in the near future…

Being an MMORPG, you may also want to know more about her character stats:

Attack Stats: MATK
Skill: Sandstorm– Deals 300 MDMG + 150% MATK to all enemies.
Halo: Buffs 2 party slots with 400 HP and 125 PATK