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League of Angels Daily 3/26/2014 – Guild Boss

​In one of our recent League of Angels updates this month added a lot of new content, more than we could (or rather should) cover in a single news post. So instead, let’s look at the more major ones individually… Today – Guild BOSS!

Now that we’ve already covered Guild Actions, let’s get into other options you have in a guild. One of the more fun ways to team up with your guildmates is to face a Guild BOSS! A great way to not only get rewards and rare drops, but also bond with other guild members and be ready to face more challenges together.

Basic info:
Requires: Level 2+ Guild
Where: Guild Events > Guild BOSS
Event Time: 10:00 - 23:00 (server time)

Find out more details for yourself in the forum post here!

Update! Guild Boss can now be unlocked with Vouchers, too! Find out more here!