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League of Angels Daily 4/8/2014 – New Heroes

​We’re always adding in new stuff in League of Angels – today, let’s take a closer look at those new Heroes!

Hailing from Valhalla, Valkyries are tasked with recruiting the brave fallen for a final battle at the world’s end. They also serve as powerful front row warriors.

Astral Hunter
With the power to transition between the Mortal and Astral Realms at will, an Astral Hunter is uniquely suited to hunt down demons. Using arcane archery, they are best suited for ranged combat.

Arcane Spirit
Subordinate to only the most powerful, Arcane Spirits are forces of destruction that would love nothing but to wreak havoc if left unchecked. With a wide array of support and debuff spells to complement their attacks, they are a nearly unstoppable weapon to whomever can control them.

For stats and more info, check out our forum post!