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League of Angels Daily 4/9/2014 – Character Profiles: Angelina

​Welcome to Angel Profiles, where you can learn a little bit more about your favorite Angels in the online game League of Angels! Today, let’s have a look at Almighty Angelina…

Should you ever lose your way in the dark, Angelina is the Angel to call. As the Angel of Light, she guides the lost through darkness, and fights any black-hearted soul who would seek to snuff out the flames of hope.

Being a newer Angel on the team, we haven’t seen any Angelina cosplays yet. If you want to check out what we do have, stop on over our Google+ page!

Being an MMORPG, you may also want to know more about her character stats:

Attack Stat: MATK
Skill: Royal Pain - Deals Magic DMG of (160% ATK+500) to all enemies
Halo: Crit +30, ATK +180, ATK +180 and HP +640