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League of Angels Daily 5/13/2014 – Character Profiles: Morgar Crom & Goro

Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features two characters at once: Morgar Crom & Goro!

“WOLF PACK POWER!” – Morgar Crom
“So yer tha’ skinny runt of a… miserable… good fer nuthin’… GET OUTTA MY SIGHT!” – Goro

Why two at once? Is it because they happen to look exactly the same…? Um, no, they are totally related in terms of being Orc Chiefs, of course!

Things are already tense at the Forgotten Realm, with Orcs and Taurens barely able to coexist. Fortunately, the Angel Incarnate of Prospera is there to help you guide them back to a peaceful existence. After sending you on a number of quests, thoughout which you unlock Alchemy, the Wyrm Race, Hero Skills, Team Dungeons and the Tavern where you can recruit Heroes, you must finally face the former Orc Chief, Axe Lord Morgar Crom, who has something to do with the seal binding her.

Morgar Crom was previously part of the Orc Tribe, but threw his lot in with a Dark Mage and betrayed his people. You also learn he was their former Chief, now replaced with Goro once he left. Evidently he sought power at any cost, and cared only for himself rather than his tribe. Goro, a more considerate leader if a little gruff, hopes to repair the damage done by Morgar Crom, and sends you to decimate him and his lackeys once and for all.

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