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League of Angels Daily 5/15/2014 – Character Profiles: Barbarian King Kronan

​Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features two characters at once: Barbarian King Kronan

“ENDLESS RAGE!” – Barbarian King Kronan

Prospera mentions another way you could gather power to face the Dark Lord’s minions: mystical gems rumoured to be held by a Barbarian King in the area.

That Barbarian King is Kronan, a barbarian that threw his lot in with the Dark Lord in exchange for an army of harpies. And doesn’t he look familiar…? Oh well. Once you defeat him, you get your hands on his hoard of gems. Goro informs you of their true power, and unlocks Gemology for you.

There really isn’t much else to Kronan. An overambitious individual, too blinded by power to realise his limits.

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