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League of Angels Daily 5/7/2014 – Character Profiles: Rose Knight

Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile: Rose Knight!

“I shall follow you into battle until the end of days.” – Rose Knight

You first meet the Rose Knight on your quest to retrieve Thor’s Hammer for Bulroc. Praying to his Lady Brunhilde for her blessing, you both face off in combat. After your victory, the Rose Knight sees that you wield the power of the Astrals and recognizes you as the Chosen One, as proclaimed by the Thunder God himself. He gives you the Hammer, and decides to descend to the mortal realm to fight evil.

After you return to Bulroc, the burly blacksmith shares that he has heard rumors of the Rose Knight hunting beastmen at the Soaring Heights, and recommends you seek his assistance.

Once you make your way there, the Rose Knight joins your side to fight an evil necromancer together. After a decisive victory, he admits that he can still feel the pulse of an ancient evil nearby – the Demon King has summoned forth another vassal.

Your next quest, now as a team, is to cleanse the World Tree’s Angel Statue from its corruption. The root of the problem? Rellgra and his minions at the Temple of Lunaria…

Tune in next time for more character profiles! Be share to share and discuss your thoughts on our Forum!