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League of Angels Daily 5/9/2014 – Character Profiles: Warlord Seyelung

Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile: Warlord Seyelung!

“If we spill enough blood, the gods will never forget this place again.” – Warlord Seyelung

After Ivrund gives you a Title, unlocking that feature for you, you’re on your way to activate the Lunaria Statue and finally bring balance back to the World Tree. Your job being done here, you head on to the Forgotten Realm, home of the Tauren.

On your way, you encounter Prospera, who’s body is still trapped but wants to help you in spirit. She instructs you to first help the Taurens reclaim the Rockruin Heights from Warlord Seyelung, a particularly nasty cyclops. He seeks to find the favor of the gods, and they have long ago forsaken him and his kind. He believes that only by committing great acts of bloodshed will he succeed… and it’s up to you to stop him.

Warlord Seyelung is rather formidable in size… and girth. He surrounds himself with a veritable army of orcs and beastmen. This is where maps start to be a little more challenging, but fortunately, with Nocturna and the Rose Knight at your side, your chances should be fairly good.

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