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League of Angels Daily – Barnard

Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features Barnard!

“Just a moment... think I’d better change outfits!” – Barnard

Lunaria guides you towards breaking down the barrier sealing her in, all the while seeking advice from Gannicus. From all the help the Angels have been giving you, it’s obvious they care very much for you. Gannicus recommends worshipping them to show your appreciation and support – this is where Angel Worship is unlocked for you.

On your quest to break down the barrier, you find out that there is more than one part to breaking the seal – and one of them is guarded by the band of the Barnard Brothers, a wicked little team of monsters out for power. Barnard, their leader, is a Minotaur that can morph into a huge divine form (or “outfit” as he calls it) of himself when in danger, posing an even greater threat. But that’s about all we know about him…

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