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League of Angels Daily – Character Profiles: Jetli

Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features the illusionist Jetli!

“Do you truly believe what you see is real?” – Jetli

After defeating the Barbarian King Kronan, your next step is to clear out the Iron Fortress. Rumor has it that an evil illusionist called Jetli resides there, often seen chanting something from an orcish scroll.

You’ve have to face a number of evil sorcerers, mages and wizards, all spouting something or other about things not being as they seem. Once you face Jetli, he puts up a good fight, yet falls as those before him. You grab his scroll, unable to read it because of it being written in orcish, so you decide to have Goro translate it for you.

It turns out the scroll was a secret invitation to the Arena! This area is now unlocked to you… but wait. What was Jetli doing, if chanting from this scroll? Is there more to it than he let on? Or, being the illusionist that he is, was this all part of some elaborate trick for him to escape your vengeful clutches…?

What do you think? Or do you know something from further in the game’s story to reveal a clue? Come discuss it in the Forum!