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League of Angels Daily – Character Profiles: Wolf Lord Muttor

Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features Wolf Lord Muttor! 

Hatred, fear and screams. Our feud with the Blood Clan never ends.” – Wolf Lord Muttor

After unsealing Prospera from her curse, you head over to the Dark Forest next. Here, you meet the Wolf Lord Muttor – a werewolf leader locked in a deadly feud with the Blood Clan, lead by the fearsome Dracula himself. Previously weaker than Muttor in power, the vampire has since delved into the study of ancient, forbidden sorcery, and is now more powerful than ever imagined.

Muttor is a soul of few words – there is struggle within, to be sure, but he only shares with you what is absolutely necessary to aid his cause. Perhaps there will be more to learn about him in further quests, but first impressions leave a rather mysterious aura around this lycanthrope.

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