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League of Angels Daily – Dracula

​Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features Dracula!

I want to suck your blood!” – Dracula

After all of Dracula’s atrocities, the heavens are enraged, and the Angels demand divine justice. It’s time for your final showdown with the mighty vampire lord. After you retrieve the Book of Darkness guarded by some of Dracula’s minions, King Nori is able to decipher a way to defeat him and release Lorelei’s seal. With all of Dracula’s agents taken out, he’s now completely isolated – your best chance at taking him out. He proves to be your greatest challenge yet…  

But with victory in the end, it’s time to turn your sights on Erobor, where a wicked dragon is harassing the inhabitants… Your quest goes on!  

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