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League of Angels Daily – Klishnu

​Character Profiles gives extra insight into some of the side characters in League of Angels. Today’s profile features Klishnu!

“Never give up hope!” – Klishnu

After King Flint sends you after the Dragon Slayers, you go to their camp and stir things up. They should have done their job in the first place, really… That Dragon is still wreaking havoc! After telling Flint of your victory, you are pointed to Klishnu, who might have further insight that could be useful to your quest…

Klishnu is a woman of many faces, sometimes appearing to you veiled, sometimes as an elf, sometimes as a different person entirely. Makes you wonder if you’ve known her all along as someone else..? Either way, she has been investigating the reason for the ruin of Boadicea’s statue, and found that it’s related to magical disturbances nearby. She asks you to go to the Celestial Precipice to search for anomalies.

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