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League of Angels Event 2/24 - Strategy: Masters of Zodiac

​Duration: 2/24-3/2 

Description: How many Zodiac palaces have you cleared? Are you among the few who have passed Sagittarius? Then this is the event for you! Share your Zodiac tips and tricks by writing a strategy guide to share with fellow layers. In return, you’ll have the chance to earn Aegis Shards, Synth Scrolls and even Diamonds! Simply start a new topic in the Strategy section of the forum according to the following format: 

Title: Give your guide a clear title such as "How I Win Zodiac Battles with Minimum Battle Rating"
Category: Please choose "Strategy" 
Server: Character Name: 
The Guide: The main information about your Zodiac Battle strategy, preferably with screenshots to illustrate. 


1000 Diamonds will be awarded to the chosen strategies. There will be at least 1 winner; however, more may be selected if there are enough interesting, helpful and/or unique entries. 

100 Synth Scrolls and 20 Aegis Shards will be awarded to each eligible participant.  


1. Strategy guides must be original. Plagiarizing from others' writing will result in disqualification. 
2. If strategy guides with similar content are submitted, we will give the reward to the first writer according to the post last-edit time. 
3. The rewards will be delivered within 3 business days after the end of the event.

For complete information please CLICK HERE

R2Games LoA Ops Team