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League of Angels Gaming Expansion March 28!

​Peace dulls the mind. Heroes, rise up and seize the day… the darkness rests for no one! We will be releasing a whole slew of new game content March 28th. With this update, there will be a many new ways to improve your Char Stats, Hero Stats, Angle Stats and Battle Rating! Get ready to Synth fused gems to obtain greater stat bonuses, collect Element Crystals through Inferno to upgrade your hero in Element Training, recruit brand new heroes, and so much more! See below for more info: 

6 New Systems and Features  

- Fused Gems: A powerful new gem type! 
- New Heroes: Recruit 3 powerful new heroes!  
- New System: Angel Evolution. Evolve your Angels’ to increase their stats and unlock elemental damage! 
- New System: Inferno. Compete alongside fellow players to collect a powerful new resource, Element Crystals. 
- Hero Element Training: use Element Crystals to upgrade your heroes! 
Awesome Lvl. 70 Equipment

New Events 

- The 2nd Cross-Server Tournament will begin in early April. Get ready for the second chance to obtain Victoriana! 
- Hustler: A new mini-game coming soon! 

Vote for your favorite upcoming new features in the forum event thread. Details for new content will be released within the next few days. Stay tuned!

R2Games LoA Ops Team