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League of Angels - Play Shooting Game to Win Wings of Gold!

​Ace Shooter 


June 19th to June 23rd  
Servers: S1-S187 
Description: Test out League of Angel’s fun new mini-game! Try your luck shooting goals as you practice for the World Cup! 


1. Select from three directions as you try to score against the goalkeeper. Succeed and win great prizes!  
2. Each shot requires a Soccer Ball. Soccer Balls can be acquired from numerous Hot Events, purchased, or earned from visiting our Facebook page to participate in the Like and Share event to win free Soccer Balls. 
3. Goals will earn you 3 points and a Winner’s Pack (3 Champion Marks and 1 Goal Chest). Blocked goals will still earn you 1 point and a Consolation Pack (1 Champion Mark and 1 Participation Chest). 
4. Use the Champion Marks you earn to buy items in the Points Shop.

For details please CLICK HERE.

R2Games LoA Ops Team