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League of Angels The Guiding Stars (15 Days Forum Event)

​Summoning all Heroes and Angels!  

Duration: 02/21/2014 00:00 to 03/07/2014 23:59 
Prize time: 03/08/2014 00:00 to 03/14/2014 23:59  

Now is the time to guide the fallen back into the light! This is your chance to show the world your knowledge and aid those in need. Did we mention there’s also something in it for you?  


1. Post your most helpful, original guide to this event thread. 
2. Guide posts must include a detailed description, guide related screenshots, character and server name.  

Selection: R2Games’ operations team will select the 10 most representative and useful guides from the posts (5 novice and 5 advanced guides), these guides will be posted to our official site with the credit given to the posts’ authors. Guides will be selected according to length, conciseness, and uniqueness. 

Rewards: Selected guides will receive the following: 800 Vouchers, 1,000,000 Gold, Soulstone x100, Synth Scroll x100 and Aegis Shard x50 (rewards will be sent to the 10 players via mail).  

All players who post their own original guide will receive the following: 300 Vouchers, 500,000 Gold, Soulstone x50, Synth Scroll x50 and Aegis Shard x10 (reward codes will be sent via in-game mail within 7 days after the event ends. Players must use the code to redeem rewards). 

Click Here for more details!

See you all in game! 
R2Games LoA Ops Team