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The Totem system is a brand new battle system, in which players can equip up to 5 powerful Totems to increase their character and hero stats. 

1. Players can equip 1 main Totem along with 4 supporting Totems. 
2. Characters and heroes will receive bonuses from the Totems. 
3. Totem effects and skills will activate upon entering battle. 
4. The main Totem can only be used for a certain number of turns. The higher the Totem’s quality, the more turns it can be used for.  

Totem Guardians 
1. After defeating a Totem Guardian the player will earn Sacrifice Points and Totem Emblems. 
2. Totem Emblems can be exchanged for Totems in the Shop. Sacrifice Points are used for Totem Sacrifices. 

1. Players may use Sacrifice Points to obtain more Totems.  
2. Some Totems can only be obtained by using Sacrifice Points. 
3. After committing 1 - 10 sacrifices a rare Totem will appear, after committing 2 - 6 sacrifices an uncommon Totem will appear. 

1. Totems can consume other unwanted Totems in order to be upgraded. 
2. After a new level is reached, the Totem’s attributes will increase.

1. Totems can be evolved in order to improve their quality. 
2. Higher quality Totems have better attributes and better skills, and can be used for more turns in battle.  

As we continue to develop and improve League of Angels, new updates may slightly change in appearance or effects. Where any discrepancy between game and guide occurs, in-game data shall take precedence.