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Alliance Expedition

The Alliance Expedition is a cross-server PVP event. To succeed in this war you must improve yourself and alliance as a whole so that you can stand united against the enemy. Only the best alliance will win King's Division Emblem!


Alliance Expedition is held each week. Every Monday and Tuesday the system will automatically select the Top 70 Alliances as to participate as challengers in the event. 


Alliance Rank

  • The Top 70 Alliances are selected based on several factors: number of members, Alliance level, and the alliance's total battle rating.

  • All Alliance members including alliance members who are not part of the Top 70 can join the Expedition War. In expedition War, all alliance members have 10 free attempts daily to challenge other alliance members. 10 more challenge attempts can be gained daily at 12:00 and 18:00.

  • All alliances will challenge the other alliances in sequence from 70 to 1. When your alliance defeats all the target alliance members, the whole alliance will receive both challenge rewards and Alliance clearance rewards.

    Each time you fail when challenging an opponent, the opponents stats will be reduced by 0.5%. This reduction can be stacked

    The final Expedition stage is rewards which includes two parts: Inner Alliance Rank and Alliance Rank. The better you and your alliance perform the better the rewards will be. IN the final stage, you will still get a chance to challenge the strongest alliance or your own alliance for more rewards.

    The main reward for this event is 
    Purgatory Souls which can be used to train sylphs. The winning alliance will win a King's Division Emblem. There will also be various other resources to earn as rewards.


    Sylph Hall

    Powerful sylphs can be found in the Sylph Hall. They can be awakened to unlock powerful blessings and skill upgrades. To summon a sylph hero you must collect Sylph Hero Badges. One of these can even be gained through Loop quests!


    There are three different tabs in the Sylph Hall. They are unlocked according to character level:

    • Asigart unlocks at Lvl. 70

    • Vanaheim unlocks at Lvl. 71

    • Johonheim unlocks at Lvl. 72


      After summoning a sylph, you can train him/her to boost the stats. Purgatory Souls can be gained in the Alliance Expedition. If a sylph blesses a hero, you can choose to use the hero's image by clicking the Morph Sylph Skin button. If you summon a new sylph later, you can recycle the Purgatory Souls you spent on the former Sylph.

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