Angel Essence launched a few days ago, so now we'll give you a few tips to gain more power for your Angels!
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[Unlock Requirement]
Level: 80

[How to Enter]
Click the Angel Essence icon in the Angel panel to enter.
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Click the Angel Essence icon in the Angel section of the Character panel.
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Players can collect Angel Essences and socket them to increase deployed members’ stat bonuses and boost character BR.
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[Essence Type]
There are 5 kinds of Angel Essences, each with a different effect:
1. Angel ATK Essence
2. Angel Agility Essence
3. Angel Hit Essence
4. Angel Crit Essence
5. Angel Crit DMG Essence
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1. Only deployed Angels and Guardian Angels can be socketed with Angel Essences.
2. Combo stats activate after the center Combo Essence and a full set of common Angel Essences has been socketed.
3. To reach the next level, players need to socket a complete set of common Angel Essences for the current level.
4. Two Angels' Essences can be switched using the “Exchange” function.
5. Socketed Essences can be removed to your Inventory.
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1. Only common Angel Essences can be refined, Combo Essences are not refinable.
2. Refine will not decrease stats but has a chance to keep stats the same.
3. More materials may be needed for further refinements, single/multiple Essences can be refined at the same time.