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[Announcement] Dec. 3rd S73 & S80 Server Merge Time Issue

Dear Heroes and Angels,

During the server merge which occurred on Dec. 3rd, S73 (European server) and S80 (US East server) were accidentally merged as a new server ua38. After the server merge, the new server ua38 (S73 & S80) adopted the S73 GMT time which has unfortunately caused various time inconveniences to US East players originally in S80. We apologize deeply for this mistake, and will be sending compensation to affected players.

Unfortunately, once servers are merged, trying to separate them would cause significant lose of data for players on all parts, so we are unable to rectify this simply by separating the servers.

If possible, we would appreciate any and all players from S80 who are able to maintain their characters on ua38. However, if players from S80 wish to return to a US East server and can afford a partial loss character info, please contact us so that we may transfer your character to a different US East server with a similar launching date as the original S80. We regret to say that player data can't be transferred 100% to another server; thus, if you would like further transfer details please contact our Customer Service Team by filing a ticket.

We apologize again for this server merge issue and hope to receive your feedback ASAP.

Best Regards,
R2Games LoA Ops Team