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[Announcement] LOA Kongregate Accounts Transfer FAQ

F1. Why the transfer to R2 Games?

A1. All browsers will stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020, which means Flash games won't be able to run normally on browsers. Unfortunately, League of Angels is a Flash game. In order to ensure the security of the players' data, we reached an agreement with Kongregate to transfer all League of Angels' accounts on Kongregate to R2games. This way, after binding your account, you will be able to download the R2Client to play League of Angels without any issues!

F2. Will players lose anything?

A2. No. The transfer won't cause any losses or changes to your characters.

F3. Can I bind multiple R2Games accounts to one Kongregate account?

A3. You can only bind one R2 account to your Kongregate account.

F4. What should I do if I have multiple Kongregate accounts?

A4. You can only bind one Kongregate account to one new R2Games account. If you have more than one Kongregate account, you will need to create more multiple R2Games accounts.

F5. Where do I log in after the transfer?

A5. Click R2games -> Home -> Transferred-platform Games -> League of Angels Kongregate

F6. When will I be able to play at R2Games after the transfer?

A6. After binding, you can visit https://www.r2games.com/games/ or download R2 client to play.

F7. Can I recharge as usual after the transfer?

A7. The recharge function will be available again after the transfer.

F8. Can I unbind or change the binding account after binding?

A8. Yes, to do so please contact R2Games customer service.

F9. What happens if I don't transfer the account?

A9. If you don't transfer your account, we can't assure you that your regular gaming experience may be able to continue in the future. To secure your data and progress in the game, we strongly suggest you to bind your account as soon as possible.

F10. What if I can not locate my characters after logging in R2 Games?

A10. Remember to choose the server you were using before. If you still can't find your character, please contact us here: http://www.r2games.com/support/.

F11. How can I submit tickets to R2 Games?

A11. Visit http://www.r2games.com/support and click Support. You can also find "Submit a ticket" in the FAQ page. Please, remember to provide your Kongregate account, server, and character name, and the new R2Games account in the message.

F12. What should I do if I forgot my R2 Games account?

A12. Visit http://www.r2games.com/support and click on Game Issues > League of Angels Kongregate > Bug reporting - LoA and click "Submit a ticket". Please, provide your Kongregate account, server, and character name in the message.

F13. What should I do if I forgot my password?

A13. Please visit http://www.r2games.com/support/?ac=issue&id=63 to read the guide on resetting your password. If it does not help, please send us a ticket.