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Armament System

Earn Magic Mount Souls and rewards through Treasure Quest to help make your mounts stronger especially with the aid of the newly added Armament Socketing feature.

Stable Crafting
Use the Stable Crafting system to add even more stats to your mounts! 

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General Description:
Click the "Armaments" icon in the toolbar to view stable crafting. Stable crafting unlocks at Lvl. 74. This feature opens up 6 slots for equipping items to your mounts. Items can then be upgraded, synthed, socketed and more to further power-up your mount. 

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1. Qualities: There are six qualities in total: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Golden. Attempts needed to upgrade armaments will depend on the quality.

2. Where to Get Armaments: All mounts in the Stable will receive an Armament (Common) automatically. Higher-quality armaments can be obtained through Alliance Expedition and various new gameplay as they are added to the game.

3. How to Synth Armaments: There are two ways to synth armaments.
1) Use the required shards to synth an armament.
2) Combine 5 armaments of lower-quality to synthesize a higher-quality armament. For example, you can synth a set of Epic armament if you have FIVE sets of Rare armaments.

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How to Upgrade Armaments

The higher the quality the armament, the more you can do to upgrade it! Upgrading armaments requires a specific item which can only be gained through Alliance Expedition. 
More information about the specific item will be divulged in the coming week.

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Treasure Quest

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Treasure Quest is a great way to get Magic Mount Souls and other awesome rewards.

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Time: 11:30 to 13:30 Everyday

There are three kinds of rewards in total: Adv. Hunt Rewards, Normal Hunt Rewards and Support Rewards. Even if you can't find the right partners to accomplish the task, you can still get support rewards!

How to Get Rewards: Find the right partner, create a team, complete a small task, and rewards are yours! Easy, isn't it?

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Armament Socketing
Armament Socketing is a new function which will enable your equipped mounts to become even stronger by socketing special crystals into their armaments! Armament Socketing unlocks at Lvl. 78. It will be available on June 30th, 2016 (server time)!

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How Does Armament Socketing Work: Armament Crystals are exclusive items required for socketing which can be synthed and exchanged, similar to “Socketing” in Forge. The max level is 10.

Armaments of different qualities will have a different number of socketing slots. Rare Armaments have 1, Epic has 2, Legendary has 3, Mythic has 4, and Golden has 5 slots. The 3rd socket and above provide bonus stats.

Where to Get Armament Crystals: 
Armament Crystal can be gained through Treasure Quest.

More features stable crafting features will be unlocked soon. Stay tuned! 

Please note that the above content may be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.