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Artifact Workshop

Artifact Workshop
The Artifact Workshop feature will open when your character reaches Lvl. 70. This system can be used to refine your Angel Artifacts. You can equip your angel with an Artifact to get Artifact skills and to increase your Battle Rating.

Simply click the following icon,image001.pngor you can access the system by opening your Party window and click on “Zodiac” then the “Artifact Training” tab. 


The Artifact Workshop system consists of five functions: Upgrade Artifact, Evolve Artifact, Burnish Artifact, Socket Artifact, Inherit Artifact.

  • Artifact Upgrade

You can use an Artifact EXP Card or other Artifacts to upgrade the target Artifact.


  • Artifact Evolve

Use this function to evolve an artifact. Consumes artifact and artifact Essence.


  • Socket Artifact

Socketing Artifacts is similar to gem socketing in the Forge. However, the amount of available sockets is fixed and depends on the Artifact's quality. The higher quality the Artifact, the more sockets it will have. Golden Artifacts have 6 sockets.



Glorystones are needed to socket the Artifacts, but be careful as two of the same Glorystone type cannot be socketed together.

You can synth Glorystones in the synth section of the Forge. For every 3 previous levels of Glorystones, the next highest level can be synthed. Grotto Hearts are required to synth Glorystones.



Here is a picture of the Gold Artifact with 6 Lvl. 8 Glorystones socketed (without burnishing).


  • Burnish Artifact


Artifact Burnish is similar to gem enhancement except that it upgrades the Glorystone sockets instead of the Glorystones themselves. Only sockets with Glorystones attached can be burnished. 
1. Burnishing sockets have certain success rates 50% for the first, 25% for the second, 12% for the third and so on. 
2. Glorystones will receive an Aura after being burnished. 
3. Artifact Gloystone stat bonuses will increase with successful burnishing based on Aura level: 5%, 7%, 9%, 11%, 13%, or 15%. Stats can be stacked; however, all socketed Glorystones must reach the same Aura level to be upgraded. 
4. The higher quality the Artifact, the higher Aura level cap it will have. Sockets for Golden Artifacts can reach up to Aura 6. 
5. If burnishing fails, the progress bar will increase a certain amount. When the progress bar is full, burnish will have a 100% success rate.

Burnished Artifacts cannot be used as Upgrade or Evolve materials.
Burnishing requires the use of Grotto Hearts.

Here is a picture a gold Heaven’s Melody with Lvl. 8 Glorystones socketed and Aura+6:

  • Inherit Artifact

1. All Glorystones must be removed before inheriting.
2. The source Artifact’s enhance and engrave levels will be transformed into EXP and added to the target Artifact.
3. The source Artifact cannot transfer its properties to Artifacts of a lower quality.
4. Inheriting will switch the source Artifact and target Artifact's burnish socket level (limited by the level cap), surplus sockets will be consumed.


  • Angel Artifact tips

1. Equip an Angel Artifact to set Artifact skills.
2. After setting Angel Artifact skills, the selected skills will be cast within the first 4 turns in battle.
3. The same type of Angel Artifacts cannot be equipped at the same time.
4. The initial Angel Artifact skill depends on the agility of the deployed Angels in PvP battles.
5. Bonus Angel Artifact stats depend on the deployed Angels.


For more detailed information check out the system in-game, and start equipping your angels to increase your Battle Rating.

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