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Character Element Training

This feature is available to players when they reach Lvl. 55 or higher.

You can access Element Training by clicking the icon found at the bottom of the screen in the main icon bar. 

(See picture below).

Or you can access the system by opening your character window and click on the "Element" tab.
(See picture below.)

After opening Element Training another panel will open, this is your Element Pack. All the Elements you've collected thus far will be shown here.

1. There are 6 slots where you can place Elements. You can equip the same quality elements but their attributes have to be different.
2. This window shows what bonuses 
your main character will gain after upgrading your Elements.
3. Element Scrolls can be gained from killings monsters (as their drop reward) from Elemental Zones (Lvl. 55-64 / Lvl. 65-74/Etc.). They are used to increase your Element Growth EXP bar.
4. Element Core Stat Boosts: The higher the Element Growth EXP increased, the higher % your Element Core receive.
5. Element Pack: This is the place where your newly gained Element Cores will be stacked. You can Sort, Synth or Recycle your cores here.
Note: The Synth function will be available in a future update.

Recycling Element Cores:

If you have obtained enough Elemental Cores (only 6 can be used at a time), you won't need to retain the other cores still in your Element Pack. So, simply click the "Recycle" button. After the Recycle window pops up, double-click to select the cores you don't need or click '1-Click Insert' button to insert the cores you want to recycle, your cores will be recycled to different amounts of Element Scrolls depending on their quality. (The higher the cores' quality, the more Element Scrolls you will gain from recycling). 

Element Combo "Buff"

Equip certain cores to trigger an Element Core "buff."

You can access the Elemental Zone by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your screen. (See picture below).

Once entered, you will have 2 zone options to enter. (Higher level players have access to higher level maps inside the Elemental Zones).

Here we have entered the zone called "Erromango Island." This zone is available to Lvl. 55-64 and higher level players. You will be sent into a map like this. (See picture below).

1. This cursor on the map represents your character so you will know where you are.
2. The red glowing dots represent bosses on the map from whom you may gain handsome rewards.
3. The orange color represents Elite monsters which are second only to the BOSS in terms of strength.
4. The blue represents Common monsters which hold kill buffs. After you kill this monster you will gain a buff for your character while in this map. Upon exiting your buff will be lost.
5. The green represents Basic monsters which also hold special kill buffs like Common monsters.
*Please be aware that the stronger monsters you challenge, the more stamina you will consume. 

Red = 50 Stamina
Orange = 30 Stamina
Purple = 20 Stamina
Blue = 10 Stamina
Green = 5 Stamina

Monsters Differences:
There are 3 types of monsters: Fire, Ice and Electro. Each of them holds Element Cores of their type. Kill these monsters to gain powerful cores!

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