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Clash of Might

In Clash of Might, you will be auto-assigned opponents from other players participating in the Clash of Might.  If you win, you’ll usurp the ranking of the opponent challenged. If you lose, you’ll stay where you are. 

Fig. 1: Clash of Might
1. You will face the choice of 6 opponents, all above you on the Clash of Might rankings; 
2. More difficult opponents stand farther away from you; opponents closer to your own level stand closer to you. 

The top 6 players on a server get to test their might against the other 5 top players on the server. 
Challenging and Usurping
If you defeat another player in Clash of Might, you’ll be able to usurp their position in the rankings - otherwise your position will remain the same. You can challenge the 3 players directly ahead of you at any time.
2. Each player can challenge a set number of opponents daily. The number of opponents you can challenge - as well as the cost to purchase more challenges - is directly related to your VIP level.
3. Once a certain VIP level is reached, players don’t even need to worry about cooldown time - you can just get straight back into the action.

1. Take part daily to get your prizes - you’ll collect something whether you win or lose.
2. The higher your ranking is, the greater your reward size will be.