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Friend System:
Q: Why should I add friends?
A: Adding friends gives you an enhanced gameplay experience. Aside from making it easier to find people for Team Dungeons, you can congratulate your friends when they hit certain milestones - and earn extra gold!
Q: How do I get access to the Guild system?
A: The guild system unlocks at level 20.
Q: When can I access the Arena?
A: The Arena unlocks at level 25.
Q: What do I get for fighting in the Arena?
A: You are rewarded Arena Emblems, which you can exchange at the Arena Shop for special items.
Q: What is the Astral system?
A: The Astral System is your very own roadmap to League of Angels. Not only does it tell you what level you need to be to access certain features, each time you light an Astral you will gain additional stats!
Q: What is a Title?
A: A title essentially allows other players to know your rank. Titles are earned by reaching a certain level - as well as performing well in the Arena.
Q: Does a title do anything?
A: Yes: activating your title allows you to receive additional stat boosts. Also, higher level titles grant access to special limited time events.
Q: How do I get a mount?
A: Unlock your first mount at level 21.
Q: What does a mount do?
A: Aside from granting you faster movement speed, mounts give your main character stat boosts - as well as special skills.
Q: How to I upgrade my mount?
A: There are two ways to upgrade your mount: EXP potions and Soulstones. 
Q: How do I get Soulstones?
A: Grow Soulstones in your Garden, or exchange for them with Arena Emblems in the Arena Shop.
Q: What is Gemology?
A: Gemology is a mini-game, and the easiest way to earn gems.
Q: How do I play Gemology?
A: Match 3 or more colors to earn some gems. The more colors you match and trigger each turn, the more gems you get.
Tidal Pool: 
Q: What is the Tidal Pool?
A: The Tidal Pool is one of League of Angel’s many mini-games. It is the best way to get Soulstones for upgrading your mount and it can be a goldmine if you have what it takes.
Q: How do I play Tidal Pool?
A: Shoot munitions at the various sea life that swim by. Purchase muntions with gold in the Tidal Pool menu.
Q: I keep missing, how can I shoot better munitions?
A: Click on the buttons next to the gun to use a bigger gun. Bigger guns have a larger blast radius, but use less munitions.