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Final Stand War

The Final Stand War is a cross-server PVP event open to Lvl. 66+ players. Here you can challenge powerful opponents to earn fantastic rewards.


General Description:

1. There are 4 levels to complete each round, each level grants clearance rewards.

2. Players get 16 FREE attempts each round, each challenge consumes 1 attempt. Players may spend Diamonds to buy extra attempts.

3. Failing a challenge decreases the opponent's stats by 10% and will not reset the opponents' HP.

4. Players can use Diamonds to reset up to 5 times per day.




Challenges start from the 1st rowwith more difficult challenges unlocking after defeating each opponent.


Click on the right corner of the opponent's icon to view their battle rating in detail.



Defeat an opponent in the last row to clear the level. There are 4 levels to complete, each level grants clearance rewards. Players have the chance to earn Khaos Cores from the Demonic Treasure which can be used in Khaos Atlas.




Collect your rewards to enter the next level. Please note that once you enter the next level, you cannot return to previous levels. 

Players can use Diamonds to reset up to 5 times a day, this will allow you to start over from the 1st level. 




In the Shop, you can exchange for rare items using Battle Coins you gain from the challenges in the Final Stand War.



Battle Coin


See you in-game!


-The LoA Team