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[Forum Event] The Cutest Homestead

LoA - Homestead Decoration

It’s been more than six months since the Homestead system was introduced and we know some are just dying to show off their fancy crib. Finally y’all get to scratch that itch by sharing what it looks like. To all the Marthas out there, let’s see those decoration skills! Click Here!!!!

Event period: 5/31 - 6/13
How to play:
From 5/31 - 6/5, players can reply this thread with pictures of their own Homestead. Our GMs, Mentors and Moderators will work together to select the 10 best looking Homesteads.
From 6/8 - 6/13, a vote thread will be created and all players can vote for the best looking Homestead. The top 5 will be selected based on votes and those who voted for the top 5 will have the chance to receive gifts!