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1. Gemology is first unlocked at level 26, but you can only access advanced gemology once you get to level 45.
2. League of Angels is not an accredited educational institution; the only difference between the two levels is the rewards dropped.
3. Gemology rewards HP, PATK, PDEF, MATK, MDEF, and Agility gems. 
Advanced Gemology rewards Dodge, Hit, Crit, Block, and Endurance gems.

Rules of Elimination
1. There are five colors of runic gems. Connect at least three vertically or horizontally to clear these from the board.
2. Click the gem you would like to move then click the adjacent gem with which you would like to exchange places.   
3. You will receive points based on how many gems you eliminate. You receive 20 points for eliminating 3 gems and another 20 points for each additional gem removed. You can earn up to 100 points from a single move.
4. Other rows will clear when you clear a row, but since these are not part of the original exchange, you will get separate gems and points.  The more rows you clear, the more rewards you get!
5. You'll get 10 points for each action.
6. Each time you move a gem you will expend energy. Gemology and Adv. Gemology do not share energy.
7. Gemology resets at midnight, but if you're one click away from the high score, you can spend Diamonds to buy more energy.
1. If you score a certain amount of points, you can collect great prizes! There are eight tiers of bonus points available.
2. Points and rewards are reset every day.
3. Bonus rewards are triggered at 100 points, 200 points, 500 points, 1000 points, 5000 points, 10000 points, 50000 points, and 100000 points.