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Highly Anticipated Diamond Roulette Arrives!

Cross-server Diamond Roulette

Have you ever participated in Diamond Roulette before? Whether or not you have, you'll be excited to know it's happening again! Don't miss your chance for this unforgettable experience in LoA! The Diamond Roulette only comes a couple times a year! Enjoy and good luck!

Duration: June 12th to June 14th
Server: For servers that have been launched for at least a week
Description: Lvl. 45+ players have 1 free attempt daily; VIP 4+ players can gain 1 more free attempt daily. Every 1000 Diamonds recharged or every 3000 Diamonds spent will win you an attempt to draw for rewards in Diamond Roulette. Plus, each player will win an extra free attempt when all players in all servers have won a total of 15,000,000 diamonds from this Roulette.Hurry and get as many rewards as possible!
In this Roulette, there is a 100% chance to gain rewards such as different amounts of Diamonds, high level Fusion Gem Chests, Ungodly Soul, and Mystery Card Lotto Vouchers.