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Khaos Atlas


The Khaos Atlas system is used to increase your battle rating by improving your heroes' stats. The system unlocks for Lvl. 66+ players and can be found among the icons at the top of the main screen.

Khaos Atlas consists of four parts:
 Obtain, EquipTrain and Guide. In this system you obtain cards which can be equipped to a hero, these cards can then be upgraded to further improve your battle rating. 


General Description:
1. Consume 
Khaos Cores to draw cards.
2. There are 3 types of cards: character cards and angel cards which strengthen their corresponding skills, and equipment cards which give bonus stats.
3. Upgrade cards from 1-4 star levels.
 The higher the star levelthe better the quality.
4. Every character has 4 card slots: 1 for character cards, 1 for angel cards and 2 for equipment cards. Cards need to match the slot types to applied.
 Devour cards to upgrade slots. There are 5 levels with 10 stars per level. Gain 1 star to increase equipment card stats by 100%. Upgrade 1 level to increase card skills by 1

There are six different kinds of cards each representing a different stat buff. A preview of the different cards which may be drawn is shown on the right of the panel.


You can obtain cards on the right by using Khaos Cores to draw.


Each draw adds Blessing Points, the more blessing points you have the better chance you have to gain a card of corresponding quality. Blessing Points reset after obtaining the card.


After you obtain cards, you can equip your heroes with them. Each character has 4 card slots. Simply select a hero and then select the cards you wish to equip.


Devour cards to upgrade card slots. Select materials on the left to devour and upgrade your hero's card slots. Since it's the slot that is being upgraded, the card's stats will remain unchanged if you remove it from the slot.


In this part, you'll see details for the cards you can draw, simply select a card to view it's information.


Khaos Cores
Khaos Cores can be obtained from the Demonic Treasure Chest or from the Shop in the Final Stand War.


See you in-game!

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