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League of Angels 10/10 Update

All servers will be updated on October 10th. Not only will we introduce a new male Angel, adorable fairy and gorgeous wings, but we've also made several optimizations to the game!


Keep in mind that this update may affect your in-game connection. We apologize ahead of time for any inconveniences caused. After the update, players should simply refresh their cache to see the new content and changes.


New Content

1. New Angel - Bacchus (requires 500 shards to synth).

2. New Fairy - Little Bat (requires 30 shards to synth).

3. New currency: Landmark Coin (may be used in Navigation King).

4. New Wings: Stream Wings (requires 200 shards to synth).

5. Added the Awaken function to following angels: Isolde, Styx and Mikaela.


Adjustment & Optimization

Adjust badge names and corresponding Sylph descriptions:

·         The Conqueror - Conqueror Badge: Used to activate The Conqueror and obtain the skin and skill.

·         Skysong - Skysong Badge: Used to activate Skysong and obtain the skin and skill.


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the typo issue in equipment inherit.

2. Fixed the issue in which the Leoric badge icon image didn't match the Sylph skin.

More details please click here.

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