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League of Angels 12/22 Update

In this week’s update, we’ll be introducing a gorgeous new Angel, two adorable fairies, a set of winter-themed fashion, a powerful amulet, Christmas tokens and a series of fun-filled Christmas events. Read on for details.

Update Time: Dec. 22nd
New Version: V 3.90

New Angel: Elpis
Skill: Ray of Hope

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New Fairies:
1. Flower Knight
He is the chief swordsman of the Neverset Kingdom who learned the art of the sword from the King of the South.

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2. Lil Silver Dragon
She is the rising star in the Silver Dragon family, idolizes Nereida.

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New Fashion: 

Snowburst Raiment

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New Equipment:
(L3) Missional Zeus’ Equipment

New Amulet: 

Deadly Sickle 
Exclusive for Styx Guardian. Grim Reaper's skills now cost half Rage. Each attack grants 1 stack of +5% ATK, DEF and Crit Damage to the entire party, and each killing blow grants 2 stacks to a maximum of 5 stacks. Lasts 3 turns

New Token:
New token exclusive for Christmas events.

New Item:
Customized weapon for the 10th Champion Showdown Winners. 

Golden fairies can be upgraded to Lvl. 200 and ruby fairies to Lvl. 150.

Bug Fix:
Fixed the bug in which deployed fairies didn’t transfer during hero inheriting.