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League of Angels 7/9 Update

​In this week’s update, we’ll be introducing some higher level Fusion Gems. Plus, we’ve made some tweaks and optimizations to several old systems and events and a series of awesome events offering fantastic rewards. Read on for details!

All servers will be updated on July 9th. This update may affect your connection in-game and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Following the update, players should simply refresh the page to see new content and changes.

New Additions
  • Added a new mount - Pegasus and Pegasus Soul Shards. The Pegasus mount can be synthesized using 250 Pegasus Soul Shards.

  • Adjusted the Darics return in the rewards part of Djinni’s Merchant event.
  • Added the upgrade function for Lvl. 10/11 HP+PATK Gems and Lvl. 10/11 HP+MATK Gems. 

    Click here for details!