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League of Angels 9/1 Update

All servers will receive an update on September 1st. During this update, two awesome new fairies, a stunning outfit and a magnificent mount will be added to the game. Plus, new functions and better rewards are ready and waiting.


Keep in mind that this update may affect your in-game connection. We apologize ahead of time for any inconveniences caused. After the update, players should simply refresh their cache to see the new content and changes.



New Features

1. Unlocked the Angel Awaken function.

2. New fairies:

  • Monkey King (collect 30 shards to synth)

  • Cancer (collect 30 shards to synth)

3. New fashion: Golden Attire (requires 250 shards to synth).

4. New mount: Scarlet Finch (requires 250 shards to synth this mount).

5. Added Lvl. 85 Elemental Core chests.



1. Added a description to angels’ icon shard to remind players that those shards can also be used in Unbreakable Bond.

2. Adjusted Moonlight Warlord’s chance to immune Stun and Chaos into 55% (previously 35%).

3. Characters’ movement trail in the Elemental Zone will display in the small map simultaneously.

4. Replaced the Lvl. 1 Block Gem dropped in Gemology (for Lvl. 1 Proficiency) with Lvl. 2 Block Gem.


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the display/loading issue for Frigg.

2. Corrected the description for Supreme Oracle.

R2Games LoA Ops Team