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League of Angels 9/24 Update

New System:

  • 1. Sylph Hall

  • 2. Alliance Expedition

New Hero:

  • Sand Lord (second evolution of the Mountain God, requires 500 shards to synth)

New items:

  • New Angel Artifact: Twilight Mirror


  • 1. Added Zveda and Themis into the Unbreakable Bond system.

  • 2. Optimized the Navigation King panel.

  • 3. Added a City Features icon to sort the following gameplay functions: Alliance Expedition, Sylph Hall, Alliance, Demonic War, Cross-server Clash of Might and Cross-server Wyrm Race.

  • 4. The Little Helper has been updated and improved.

  • 5. Added a Victoriana Awakening Pack and Athena Awakening Pack to the Cross Shop.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in which Retribution Totem’s skill did not work as it was described.

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