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League of Angels Update 5/4 - Dragons!

In this week's update we'll be introducing a number of dragon mount evolutions along with some other awesome new additions just in time for spring! Read on for details. 

Update Time: May 4th
New Version: V 3.90

New Mounts:
1. Blossom Horse
Glamour Skill: Blossom Bloom

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2. Darkbone Dragon - The evolution of Bone Dragon
Glamour Skill: Dark Grip

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3. Amethyst Bone Dragon - The evolution of Dark Bone Dragon
Glamour Skill: Amethyst Grip

4. Chaos Bone Dragon - The evolution of Amethyst Bone Dragon
Glamour Skill: Chaos Grip.

New Hero:
Oneiric Succubus - She is the evolution of Fallen Angel with a unique skill: Oneiric Shadowland.
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New Fairy:
“I may look a little like a rolly polly, but I'm all dog!” He's often known for his friendly nature and ridiculous expressions. 

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The 26th Cross-server Tournament will start on May 5th (server time).

Divine Realm is optimized so that players can achieve 3-star goals more easily. 

Fixed the display problem of Sylph Gear.