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League of Angels Update 6/15 – Evolve Exclusive Amulets

Update Time: June 15th
New Version: V3.90

New Mounts:
1. Twilight Miracle
He’s the evolution of White Dragon, Glamour skill: Twilight Chant
2. Divine Miracle
He’s the evolution of Twilight Miracle, Glamour skill: Divine Chant
3. Eternal Miracle
He’s the evolution of Divine Miracle, Glamour skill: Eternal Chant

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New Function: Amulet Evolution
Click the arrow on the left corner of the amulet icon to evolve it. This time, Death Howl and Thunder Axe are first added to the Amulet Evolution system.
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1. Evolution of Death Howl 
Including Death Howl X, Death Howl XI and Death Howl XII

2. Evolution of Thunder Axe 
Including Thunder Axe X, Thunder Axe XI and Thunder Axe XII

With more powerful skills and buffs, these newly evolved exclusive amulets will release the incredible power of their masters.

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New Fairy: Squishy
A longtime resident of the dark forest, this little mushroom is able to withstand quite terrible environments with ease.

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Adjusted the default starting time for Demonic War so that more players can participate.

LoA Team