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League of Angels Update 6/8 – New Angel Khione!

In this week’s update, we’ll be introducing a gorgeous new Angel, a doctor costume, and the evolutions for the Tundra Hunter mount. Read on for details!
Update Time: June 8th 
New Version: V3.90

New Angel: Khione
Skill: Frost Realm
Judging by her appearance, she is extremely confident and swears to be the greatest warrior of all the Angels. 

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New Mounts: 
Flame Hunter

The evolution of Tundra Hunter.
Glamour Skill: Volcanic Breath

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Aquamarine Hunter
The evolution of Flame Hunter.
Glamour Skill: Cold Breath

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Frost Hunter
The evolution of Aquamarine Hunter
Glamour Skill: Frostbitten Breath

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New Clothing: The Doctor
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New Item:
Customized weapons for the Champion Showdown Winners

Gems with three attributes can be fused and exchanged in Forge.