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League of Angels Update 7/13

Update Time: July 13th
New Version: V3.90

New Clothing: 
Sun Lover Clothing
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New Mount:
Celestial Fox
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1. Totems can be upgraded to Lvl. 100 (used to be Lvl. 90).
2. Aegis can be upgraded to Lvl. 10 & 8 Stars (used to be Lvl. 10 & 6 Stars)
3. Added “Upgrade x100” button to the Child Training panel of Homestead.
4. Corrected the description for L3 equipment.
5. Optimized the Tycoon interfac

Upcoming Events:

1. The 12th Champion Showdown will start on July 15th (server time).
2. The 25th CS Team Tournament will start on July 22nd (server time).
3. Smelting event will begin on July 16th (server time).

LoA Team