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Loralei's Wardrobe: Costumes Galore!

Loralei's Wardrobe
Duration: April 28th to May 2nd (server time) 
Servers: Servers that have been launched for at least a week.

Description: Loralei's Wardrobe is a feast for the eyes when it comes to fashion! The event consists of 2 different components: Diamond purchase and Voucher purchase. During the event, the more players who purchase the same item, the higher the discounts will be for the item. Discounts can be as high as 50% off!

Some of the costumes in this event are Superior Santa Clothes Shard, Servant’s Outfit Shard, Lover's Reunited Shard, Legacy Shard, Superhuman Shard, Iron Wings Shard, Wings of Vengeance Shard, Hang Ten Shard, Moonbeam Wings Shard, Elvish Spring Shard, Bat Wings Shard, Wings of Rhythm Shard, Gold Organza Shard, Wings of Gold Shard, Odin’s gleaming Garment Shard, Saintly Angel Wings, Aztec Armor Shard, Aztec Wings Shard, Phoenix Wings Shard, Peking love Shard and Blazing Wings Shard

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