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Notice regarding illegal play in League of Angels

R2 is constantly trying to manage game imbalances and other forms of exploits. We at R2 strive to make League of Angels a place where all players can enjoy themselves. However, there are those who won't abide by the rules at times and resort to cheating, using illegal programs, and taking advantage of in-game bugs. This not only jeopardizes the fairness of the game, but at times can also put player accounts at risk of being stolen or compromised in other ways (such as items being stolen, destroyed, and etc.). This is unacceptable behavior and deserves a punitive response.

The measures R2 will take are as follows:
- Players who cheat to obtain in-game Gold, Diamonds, or other items illegally will be banned permanently.
- Players who distribute any cheating programs or related cheating information will also be punished.

It is our desire that all players can work and play together while being committed to a common goal of fairness. If you notice any suspicious behavior, please let us know by filing a ticket. We will reward helpful reporters after the details of the reports are confirmed!


R2Games LoA Ops Team

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