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Play House of Cards and Recruit Your Best Allies Yet!

House of Cards
Duration: Nov. 11th to Nov. 14th (server time) 
Servers: S1 to S224

Rewards: You can swap the required cards for: Blazing Hecate, Hercules, Dark Valkyrie, Thunder Lord, Divine Hunter and Light Envoy Crest, Hecate Crest, Earthshaker Crest, Lvl. 8 MATK+Dodge Gem, Lvl. 8 DODGE+BLOCK Gem, Lvl. 8 HP+PATK Gem, Ruby Herosoul, Gem Enhancement Stone, Runestone, Lvl. 7 Cherubstone, Seraph's Stone, Element Crystal, Topaz Herosoul, Blessed Stone, Angel Tears, and Synth Scroll. 

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