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Quiz Dash 1

1 The smallest ocean in the world is: Arctic Ocean

2 The tallest(highest) mountain in the world is:     Mt. Everest

3 About how many languages are there in the world?      around 3,000

4 The bone found between the knee and the hips is:     Femur

5 In which year did the first moon landing occur? 1966

6 The most famous geyser at Yellowstone National Park is called:     Old Faithful

7 Largest prime number under 100 is: 97

8 Bright vivid colors on animals is really indicative of              Poisonous

9 Name of King Arthur's legendary sword is:             Excalibur

10 The half full lunar phase is called:                  Gibbous

11 20 times 20 is: 400

12 Roman goddess of harvest is: Ceres

13 Name of the first moon landing mission: Apollo 11

14 Which capital is not named after a person? Moscow

15 Which is the world's longest river? Nile River

16 The largest landbound nation in the world is: Kazakhstan

17 Which is not a European nation?      Maldive

18 Which is known as Land of the Koala?        Australia

19 The smallest country in the world is:           Vatican City

20 Which nation has the largest petro reserve?         Saudi Arabia

21 Superman comes from the planet:   Krypton

22 Neil Armstrong is famous for        Moon landing

23 The capital of Argentina is: Buenos Aires

24 Which famous edifice is found in the UK?  Stonehenge

25 The tides are controlled by The moon

26 What element's chemical symbol is Na?   Sodium

27 Bananas are a good source of which element?     Potassium

28 What type of drawing magnifies a person's facial characteristics?     Caricature

29 What musical family does xylophone belong to? Percussion

30 In computer language, what is the meaning of the acronym ROM?    Ankara

31 The scientific name for the windpipe is:  Trachea

32 The 8th wonder of the world in China is:  Babylon

33 The natural home of an animal is called:   Habitat

34 A servant who works without pay to gain freedom is called:    Ciccone 

35 In economics, GNP stands for     Queen

36 What is a word that is spelled the same forward and backward?  Palindrome

37 Where is the Statue of Liberty: New York

38 Which tower is not in France? Sears Tower

39 The capital of India is: New Delhi

40 The period between the Middle Ages and the Modern era is:       Renaissance
41 The rock group that includes sandstone and shale is: Sedimentary

42 Taiga and Tundra are examples of: Biomes

43 Which Spanish artist is the father of cubism?    Picasso

44 Which us president's policy was known as New Frontier?    Obama

45 What do Herpetologists study? Reptiles

46 The highest male voice is:          Tenor

47 A capella means:        No instruments

48 The capital of Colombia is: Bogota

49 How many is in a baker's dozen?     13

50 Number of piano keys on a standard keyboard:      88