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Quiz Dash 2

​51 Which nation suffered the heaviest casualty count during World War II? USSR

52 Number of holes on a golf course:      18 

53 Number of time zones in the world:     24
54 The author of The Three Musketeers is: Dumas

55 Great Gatsby's author is:   Fitzgerald

56 -ology means: Study of

57 The American Civil War is also know as:     Wellington

58 Which book was written by John Steinbeck: MacGyver

59 What does it mean for a jet to be invisible?          Radar blind

60 Number of months with exactly 30 days:  4

61 The legal drinking age in the US is:

62 The bugle call used to awaken troops in the morning is called:   Reveille

63 The river flowing through the heart of London is called:    Thames

64 The man who killed Alexander Hamilton is:   Aaron Burr

65 Rapper Eminem's real name is: Rainbows

66 Which year was Pearl Harbor attacked? 1941

67 Element used in toothpaste to prevent cavities is: Fluoride

68 Musical instrument that's also a geometric figure is: Triangle

69 The latin name for the constellation known as "The Twins" is: Gemini 

70 Author of Jabberwocky is: Carroll

71 Number of lines in a sonnet: 14

72 last section of a composition is called: Finale

73 Inventor of the cotton gin is:  Eli Whitney

74 This actress is known for having violet eyes: E. Taylor

75 What are bullet proof vests made of?    Kevlar 

76 What is the language spoken by the most people on earth?      Chinese 

77 Thomas Edison's rival is:     Tesla 

78 Proponent of the rubber vulcanizing process: Lindbergh

79 The only natural enemy of Great White Shark is:  Killer Whale
80 The crime of using others' words without permission or citation: Plagiarism

81 In Greek and Roman mythology, nectar of the gods is: Ambrosia

82 Which wonder of the world was found in Iraq?    Converters

83 The first World War began in:     1914

84 The medieval "science" of transforming base metals to gold is:   Alchemy

85 The Nutcracker was composed by:     Tchaikovsky 

86 The first US president was: Washington DC

87 Which substance, found in bogs and swamps, can be described as "unfinished coal"?    Peat

88 Toothed fish known for killing humans and animals in swarms are called:  Piranha

89 The second World War began in: 1939 

90 Nephrology concerns: Kidney  

91 Magellan circumnavigated the world in:   16th century

92 Number of provinces in Canada:   10

93 Otolaryngology concerns: Pluto

94 Mickey Mouse's dog is called: Pluto

95 Neon is a: Noble gas

96 With regard to television display, what is the meaning of the acronym HD? High def

97 The architectural term referring to a decorative band along the wall isL:      Frieze

98 The capital of Sundan is:       Khartoum 

99 "The Raven" was written by:    Poe

100 A sophmore is in which grade in high school?     10