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Quiz Dash 3

101 Protection offered to political refugee is called:     Asylum

102 The pronouns "this, that, these, and those" are referred to by what name? Demonstratives

103 In the Old Testament, David defeated:   Goliath

104 Oedipus was written by which Greek playwright?  Sophocles

105 Harry Potter's best friend is:   Ron Weasley

106 An elongated worm-like larva of a butterfly or moth is:  Catepillar

107 Clouding of the lens of the eye is known as:  Cataract

108 Ancient device once used to hurl stones or burning debris in battle:   Catapult 

109 What food group has the highest levels of protein?     Meat

110 The time traveling car in Back to the Future is:   Dolorean 

111 What are dried plums called?   Prunes

112 Who is Fred Flintstone's wife? Wilma

113 What is the name of Batman's butler?      Alfred

114 "Call me Ishmael" begins which book? Moby Dick

115 Which hand does Lady Liberty hold her torch?     Right

116 What kind of dog do Inuits keep?    Husky

117 Falafels are made with:  Chickpeas 

118 What magazine did Hugh Hefner find?       Playboy

119 O'Hare airport is located in: Chicago

120 What was the film Twister about?       Tornados
121 What kind of acid is found in lemons?    Citric acid

122 What does the F in FBI stand for?    Federal

123 How many carats is pure gold?  24 

124 How long was the Arab-Israeli War of 1967? 6 days

125 Where is Fidel Castro from?  Cuba

126 What creature has a skeleton of cartilage? Sharks

127 What does CPR stand for? Tiberius

128 Who was Marilyn Monroe married to?    Miller

129 What prevents the earth's atmosphere from drifting into space? Gravity

130 The Heisman Trophy is presented for:   Football

131 Che Guevara is from:      Argentina

132 Angelina Jolie's father is:      Jon Voight

133 Bikini Atoll was the testing ground for:       Atomic bomb